Online Beauty Shopping: The Good + The Ugly

Ahhh... kids are in bed, you got your cozy socks on and your favorite glass of tea (or wine). Time to scroll the inter webs and maybe do a little me-time shopping, am I right? We all do it. with ads every few posts on social media it seems hard to avoid. However, while it is convenient -- it's not always the best idea when it come to your beauty products.

You totally ran out of shampoo before your next appointment, and you just don't have time to stop in the shop to grab it. Amazon has your back right? Most likely WRONG! Most (not all) professional grade haircare products aren't officially sold on Amazon. What does this mean? Basically, someone somewhere had access to buying these professional products and then re-sold them to a third party who then sold them to that retailer (Amazon, Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx just to name a few). What makes this scary is most of the time while the products were passing through all those hands they have expired, or even worse, the bottles have been emptied and refilled or tampered with. I don't know about you but that scares the daylights out of me. Who knows what is in those bottles at that point ! Those retailers cannot guarantee your safety or even simply the effectiveness of the products because they were never meant to have them in the first place.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Firstly and most simply, be aware. If you are shopping at retailers in person, like Wal-Mart, Meijer, Target, or TJ Maxx, download the app "Beauty Keeper." You can enter the batch code and Brand name into the app and it will tell you when it specifically expires. However, even if it does come up as not expired you run the risk that the content has been tampered with. You run even bigger risk of that when you buy off Amazon, since there are so many third party retailers and you aren't seeing the products in real life.

The next option is to buy from your stylist or a beauty professional who is familiar with your hair and skin's needs. As a licensed beauty professional, we have gone through lots of education on how certain products and ingredients will effect you. We also have done our own personal research coupled with our educational training to pick the very best products to have in our spaces. Plus what is more convenient than picking up your hair products while you get your hair done? No more second stop on your way home !

But what does happen when you run out in between appointments? Life is BUSY and it is hard to make a stop into the shop just to pick up more conditioner, or that leave in that helps tame all that frizz. Thats where the next best options come in; buying from reputable sources suggested from your stylist. Some stylists will recommend places like Ulta, since they do have a salon inside, they are able to sell professional brands. Some stylists have their own online shop in partnership with their distributors to bring you your favorite salon exclusive products right to your door ! The bonus of that option is you are still supporting your local stylist! She will be able to guarantee your color and hair services because she knows what you are putting on your hair is what she recommends.

I am happy to announce you can now shop your favorite Kevin Murphy products from me, right from the comfort of your living room ! Just click the link below to be directed to my online store front! As always, I am happy to give my professional recommendations, just shoot me an email with the subject line "Product Matchmaker."

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